Barracuda is a popular gay bar in Manhattan that has been open since 1995. Barracuda’s mission is to host state of the art entertainment events and nightly drag shows with dazzling performers and delicious cocktails. 
PROJECT SCOPE: Trademark Development, Art Direction, Brand Identity, Copywriting
TOOLS USED: Illustrator, Photoshop, InDesign

The goal of this project was to give Barracuda bar an extravagant and bold identity while maintaining a sense of style and refinement. To also give the brand the feeling that every time someone comes to Barracuda, they will have a different experience. It is completely unique every time. What makes this identity unique is that there is not a core mark. There are many different variations of the identity and forms of the logo. The different variations include a primary wordmark, which has different sub-variations in different typefaces. 

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