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UX/UI / Branding / Design Research
Liam Strulovich: Research, Trademark, UX/UI design, Voucher, Popup Bus, Mockups
Kayla Beltran: Research, Prototyping, UX/UI design
Isa Armstrong: Research, UX/UI design, Poster, Iconography
OVERVIEW: There are hundreds of people across Texas that struggle to get a Texas ID because they don’t have the required documents or may not have the correct information. A Texas ID is needed to have access to some of the basic things in life. Operation ID is a pop-up bus that travels to major cities to provide help to those who need help getting an ID.

GOAL: The goal of this project was to create a pop-up event that helps individuals obtain a Texas ID.

We created a system of accessible kiosk experiences and a pop-up bus location for an easy walk-through process that allows almost every individual to obtain a Texas ID. We know this can be stressful for some people, so we wanted to make it as easy as possible and accessible to everyone.
Initial Problem
When researching, we found that there are multiple constraints that prevent people living in Texas from getting a form of ID. Therefore, there is a massive population of people who don't have any form of identification such as a license or Texas ID.
By creating this empathy map, we were able to identify the key frustrations of our target users in order to come up with the most helpful solution. Our target users are people who are basically starting from scratch and feel like they won’t ever be able to go get an ID from the DMV because they either don’t have the means or resources to do it, or just don’t know what documentation they will need. 
Our Key Users:
• Homeless people
• Victims of domestic violence
• Ex-convicts
• People who are missing forms of documentation
• Low-income individuals

Kiosk Interfaces
Sign-up Kiosk
Pop-up Bus Kiosk
Pick-up Locker Kiosk

Throughout this project, we learned the importance of understanding the needs and challenges of the target audience. By conducting research and empathy interviews, we were able to gain valuable insights into the struggles faced by individuals who have difficulty obtaining a Texas ID. We also learned the importance of designing with accessibility in mind, ensuring that the kiosk experiences and pop-up bus location were easy to use for people of all abilities. This project taught us how to work collaboratively with stakeholders, community organizations and governmental regulations to create a solution that addresses a real problem faced by the community.

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